Vickers Wellington Manual

An insight into the history, development, production and role of the Second World War RAF bomber aircraft

by Iain Murray - published by Haynes Publishing

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Published 6th December 2012 and AVAILABLE NOW - hardcover, 160 pages (26.7 x 21 x 2 cm approx.), including 150 colour and 100 black & white illustrations (photos and other images). The book is primarily a technical manual, giving details of the special geodetic construction of the aircraft and other aspects, including the different engines used, of all the varied marks and variants. A technical history and service history of the aircraft with Bomber Command, Coastal Command and elsewhere are also included, as well as sections on the crews' and engineers' views. Sideboxes include extra information on topics such as the Wellington in the movies and a "spotter's guide" to the different marks.
The book takes as its main photographic subject N2980 "R for Robert" on display at Brooklands Museum, the only remaining complete Wellington to have seen active service. MF628, the only other remaining complete Wellington, is currently at the RAF Museum at Cosford undergoing restoration, but photographic access to this aircraft could not be obtained at a reasonable price.
The Haynes manual format does not permit the inclusion of footnotes or references, but this reference list pertains to the book as printed.
Originally available in hardcover, also available in softcover.

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