Dam Busters Manual

A guide to the weapons technology used against the dams and the special targets of Nazi-occupied Europe

by Iain Murray - published by Haynes Publishing

Aeroplane magazine's "Book of the Month" for May 2013!

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Published 4th August 2011 but now out of print - hardcover, 160 pages (26.7 x 21 x 2 cm approx.). It includes 50 colour and 125 black & white illustrations (plans, photos and other images). The book is primarily a technical manual, giving details of the special weapons used by 617 Squadron and 9 Squadron, the modifications to the Lancaster to carry them, as well as details of the targets themselves in a series of detailed Target Profiles. Sideboxes include extra information on topics such as bomb fuzing and marking, bomb aiming and detailed specifications of the weapons.

Outline of Contents

The Dam Busters Manual is now out of print, but copies can be found in the second-hand market.

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